What to Expect when Visiting

If you are considering visiting us for the first time, we would like to welcome you. We can ensure you that we as a congregation welcome each visitor and truly feel honored that you would join us for worship. The information below is our attempt to answer questions you might have as you arrive for the first time.

We are located in southern Winston-Salem, NC (right on the edge of Wallburg) at 4507 Thomasville Rd. Our worship gathering begins at 10:30am on Sundays.

What is the profile of the congregation like?
We are a smaller congregation with a diverse group of ages. We have a booming nursery these days and a strong representation of senior adults.

What are the services like?
Our services typically go from 10:30am till around noon. We use a printed worship guide that contains the responsive readings and music for each service. These can be downloaded from our home page as early as Friday afternoon prior to our Sunday service. The service will include reading scripture together, at times reading a creed or common confession together, music, preaching and prayers of praise, confession, thanksgiving, and help.

What style of music is represented?
We enjoy worshipping through music at Cornerstone and the majority of the music is congregational singing. We love the doctrinally rich hymns of ‘old’ and enjoy the choruses of the twenty-first century. While it would not be fitting to characterize our music style as either traditional or contemporary, we pray the content of the music might be characterized as biblical and the expression of our worship might be seen as God-centered. We desire that the songs we sing may cause the word of Christ to dwell in us richly (Colossians 3:17).

What should I wear when I come?
You will find a variety of types and styles of clothings among the congregation as our body is made up of a diverse segment of ages and ethnicities. Our only preference is that what you wear might be considered honoring to the Lord. We would much rather have a genuine worshipper attend in shorts than an inauthentic worshipper come in a three piece suit.

What is the preaching like?
Preaching at Cornerstone is generally expositional, meaning that it seeks to declare the point of a particular Biblical passage. We usually focus on one book of the Bible at a time, systematically making our way through the text and trusting God to use it as He pleases. While we certainly allow you to attend without a Bible, if you have one, bring it with you. If you do not have one, we will be happy to provide you with one.

What should I do with my children?
Parents are free to keep their children in the service with them, and many families choose to do this. We do however offer childcare during the service for children up to 5 years old. You may notice that many families will keep their children in the service up until the the sermon and then take their children back to our children’s ministry. If you have questions when you arrive, just ask, we are happy to help.