Statement of Faith

Christian. Evangelical. Baptist.


Our beliefs are Christian as we hold to historical Christian understandings of the nature of God, the Trinity, the person and work of Father, Son and Spirit, the scriptures, the nature of man, and the need for and way to salvation.


Our beliefs may also be characterized as evangelical in our view of the Scriptures and the Gospel. We hold to a strong and comprehensive view of the truthfulness, reliability, and sufficiency of Scripture. We believe the gospel to be the great news that even though all men are sinners deserving death the Father offered his Son, Jesus, to die on a cross as a substitute. The resurrection of Jesus offers us hope and promise.


As a Baptist congregation we believe that the proper response to a profession of faith in Jesus Christ is the public declaration of that faith through believer’s baptism. We do not believe this act saves anyone – only the cross of Christ has the power to save – but it is an act of obedience and submission to our Lord Jesus Christ.