A Brief History of Our Church


Cornerstone Baptist Church began in November of 1986 establishing itself as a cooperating member of the Pilot Mountain Baptist Association, the Baptist State Convention of N.C. and the Southern Baptist Convention. Pastor Charles Martin was called to serve as Cornerstone’s first pastor and has faithfully served as the only senior pastor for the church. After beginning weekly gatherings in a renovated seafood restaurant fondly referred to by members as the "fish camp", the church purchased the property at our current location in 1990.

God has been kind to provide for the needs of the church across the years. Cornerstone has been a witness of the gospel to the community since the beginning. As the gospel has been proclaimed in and through the church, God has been kind to bring many people to become followers of Christ. After purchasing the property in 1990, the church added more meeting space as the church grew in numbers, culminating in a major building project in 2003 which added a new sanctuary.

In 2009, feeling the church had plateaued in many areas, Pastor Charlie began to ask the church to consider the question, "What is a healthy church?". The church agreed to begin the process of Transformational Church with Pastor Charlie’s leadership. The goal of moving the church into becoming a healthy church became the driving passion in Pastor Charlie’s ministry. In the beginning of 2012, Dr. Chad Cooke and Dr. Tim Martin, both freshly graduated from seminary and sold on Pastor Charlie’s vision of a healthy church, joined the pastoral team.

In late 2012 the church suffered a church split with many members choosing to leave. This left the church in a precarious position. The group of folks remaining realized the church’s future was far from certain as the church was still finishing paying for the 2003 building project.

Given the challenges that lie ahead, the pastors and the remaining church members began to ask even more seriously "What is a healthy church?". This led to extensive prayer resulting in a major reconstruction effort, but not one of bricks and mortar. The church examined every aspect of the church life -- from the nursery to senior citizens, from the schedule to the preaching, from the goals to the values. What emerged was a set of Core Values, a new Church Covenant, a revised Statement of Faith, and a revised Church By-laws. These were welcomed by a unanimous vote of the church in conference in late 2013.

Since then, God has renewed a fresh understanding of church and membership. As a church we rejoice in the kindness of God that has both sustained and rebuilt a congregation. Acknowledging that we still have a ways to go, the church is firmly committed to being a healthy kingdom church for the glory of God. While God has been kind to add to our membership, we are committed to metrics far more important than attendance to judge our fruitfulness. We do not take our future for granted at Cornerstone and realize that it lies entirely in God’s hands. Yet, given what He is currently doing, we are very excited about the days and years that may lie ahead.