Our Goal is to be faithful to God by being more transformed into the likeness of Jesus, our Savior and King. We desire as a body to serve alongside one another in promoting the Kingdom of God that has come, is coming, and will come. A key component of this is living together and exercising authentic love and sacrifice that honors our common Father (John 13:31- 35). Further, as followers of King Jesus we must situate our lives around his command to proclaim the good news of the gospel by making disciples of the nations.

Our Vision is to seek to be faithful to God and His Word through His grace. We make no bold claims for the future in terms of our personal longevity or that of our church, as God Himself solely holds the future in His firm grip. It is the perfection of His providence, the certainty of His love and the greatness of His promises that give us hope for the future and grounds our faith in the present.